A Salem Puppet Parade Victory

Our oddball bunch of freakazoid jumbo puppets and sweet, fuzzy hand puppets invaded Open Streets Salem on Saturday the 22nd. This was the second time we’ve taken to the open streets. This time the crowd and volunteers doubled in size with 58 puppets, masks and costumes. (Dare we say doubled in fun as well?  Indeed it did!)

Thanks to the many volunteers, this event brought a whole lot of whimsy to Winter Street. My favorite part was surprising people at the Saturday Market and watching their reactions…first questioning and then full-faced smiles of wonder that made my heart swell with joy.

I was also astonished to see the creativity this year. From a large butterfly that gracefully waved her wings to a Great White Shark speeding down Winter Street, the creativity and ingenuity was outstanding. For many, this was the first puppet they ever made and hopefully it won’t be the last.

Thank You Volunteers!
Aaron Clingerman, Diane Clingerman, Alan Pennington, Emmitt  Pennington-Guthrie, Andrea Tafolla, Ashley Zapien, Eddie Zapien, Linc Zapien, Emily Zapien, Penny Zapien, Beverly Kanewske, Brooke Edmunds, Jo Jo Edmunds, Everett Edmunds, Chelsea Peterson, Luke and Madison Peterson, Chris Bradberry, Cristina Rios, Dan Stephenson, Danielle Baca, Fiona Baca, Deanne Beausoleil, Brian Tackman, Derek Boaz, Liam Boaz, Jenny Hoelter, Owen Hoelter, Jill Hohnstein, Joanna Hiltz, Kyle Van Son, Iris Hiltz, Laura Mack, Ronan Willette, Sawyer Willette, Laurel Good, Milo Good, Ezra Good, Linda Rindy, Maria Heredia Walker, Ambrose Walker, Marian Scadden, Rosalie Pearson, Ben Baer, Abram Lanoie, Marina Belloc, David Rodriguez, Marla Rich, Austin Rich, Meg Rowe, Monica Lua, Natasha Zimmerman, Penny Feltner, Ruth Hudgens, Madea Hudgens, Stephanie Curtis , Toni Emerson and Nephew, Jason Ramey, Bella Ramey, Will Ramey, Christina Vejar, Emily Skelding, Philip Skelding, Zola Skelding, Opal Skelding, Lucy Hewitt, Mary Lou Zeek, Kay Hales, Molly Garmire, Niki Paxton

We also had some great coverage from the Statesman Journal both in digital and print!

Want to start planning for the next event? Join our planning group on facebook!

Thank you Salem!

-Jessica Ramey

Cheer On!

Are you ready to hoot and holler? If you are the spectator sort, then you’ll want to check out the Salem Puppet Parade route (marked in red on this map). Starting at Noon at the Grant Community School, puppets large and small along with volunteers will strut their creations down Winter Street to the Salem Saturday Market.

We are still looking for volunteers so if you can lend a hand, let us know. http://www.salempuppetparade.org/volunteers/

Also, the puppet parade is a larger event called Open Streets Salem. Visit the activity booths which will be open until 3 pm that day to compound the fun! Visit https://www.openstreetssalem.org/ for more information.


Salem Puppet Parade 2017 Success

It was a fabulous day to parade down the closed streets of Salem! Check out some video footage from Open Streets Salem of the event.


Aren’t these amazing puppets created by seasoned and new puppet makers? We were honored to have Stephani Vrell Sachs of The Space Between and Children’s Educational Theatre Instructor come all the way from Seattle to help up out. We also made new friends. Shae Uisna and Carny Val came from PDX to join the fun and it was wonderful seeing how creative and different puppets can be. The artistry was remarkable, and I look forward to having more entries at the next event.

Ashley, Eddie, Emily, Penny, Link (Zapian Family) • Ava Foroughi •  Chirs Bradberry • Chloe Cooper and • Amy Chiao • Danielle Baca • Ellis and Dehlia Swanger • Emmy Vaughn • Jessica Ramey • Joy Lund • Marina Belloc • Shae UisnaStephani Vrell Sachs • Valerie Scott (Carny Val)

This event was 100% volunteer powered and thanks to the awesome volunteers we had the day of the event! A special thank you to Tim Giugni of Tears of Joy and Freddie Ruiz for helping us spread the word and connecting with the community.

Addie Hofer and Friend • Adrian Belloc • Ambrose Walker • Amy Chiao • Anisa Foroughi • Ashley, Eddie, Emily, Penny, Link (Zapian Family) • Autumn Davidson Hofer • Bella Ramey • Beverly Kanewske • Bonnie Davidson • Brian Tackman • Britney Schones • Chloe Cooper • Chris Bradberry • Christina and Ivan Vejar • Danielle Baca and Family • David Belloc • Deanne Beausoleil • Delane Damerell • Dustin Scott • Ellis and Dehlia Swanger • Emmy Vaughn • Gerard Gonzales and Family • Griselda Puga and Mother • Isabel Rojas • Jacob Zac • Jason Ramey • Jessica Ramey • John Teply • Jon Chayse • Joy Lund • Katie Zimmerman • Kimie Ueoka • Kudzai Kapurura • Kundai Kapurura • Kurt Tackman • Laura Mack • LouJean Fobert • Marc Nisenfeld • Maria Heredia-Walker • Marina Belloc • Natasha Zimmerman • Patti Tomlinson and family • Ronan Willette • Sawyer Willette • Shae Uisna • Shae Uisna • Stephani Vrell Sachs • Tara Hathaway • Valerie Scott (Carny Val) and Family • Will Ramey

We are excited to see what music, a few workshops, and a bit of funding can do to this project for 2018. Want to start planning? 🙂

Be sure to sign up to keep notified about what is happening with this event and as always thanks for your support!

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